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Aiif+ Gloves
Protect You Every Touch


about us

Great Frontier (Thailand) Co., Ltd. was founded on April 29th, 2015, with our head office in Bangkok and our manufacturing and storage facility in Samut Sakhon. We manufacture and distribute medical devices and medical devices to hospitals, clinics, and healthcare professionals, as well as industrial sectors in both Asia and Europe. We place a premium on high-quality products. Our product quality is guaranteed, we provide excellent after-sales service, and our prices are reasonable.


Our Ultimate Goal

We are the organization of commitment and dedication to drive every possibility.

and we have recognized the importance of selecting good quality products and to meet the needs of various customers for the best interest of them. We are always responded to the convenience of using for the highest satisfaction of our customers.


Mission Statement
Quality Policy

To be a leading organization in the distribution and service of professional medical products. Ready to develop quality to international standards.

Vision & Mission

Committing to conduct the adhere to good governance.Always to be efficient service reliable and customer satisfaction. Comply with international regulations rules and regulations to ensurehat the company values quality and   environmentally conscious.   Creating value for the company for sustainable organization. A positive work environment makes employees feel good and happyat work which creates incentives and continually develops personnel.


Quality Control

Aiif Gloves Protect You Every Touch


Aiif+ Latex

Examination Gloves

Examination Gloves

Latex Examination Gloves

Fingertip Textured

Powdered Non-Sterile

Size S, M, L, XL.

Using raw materials from natural rubber

2 Box - 3D - 9 in - ชมพู-AAA - 1.jpg
2 Box - 3D - 9 in - ฟ้า-AAA - 1.jpg

Examination Gloves

Latex Examination Gloves

Fingertip Textured

Powder-free Non-Sterile

Size S, M, L, XL.

Using raw materials from natural rubber

Aiif+ Latex

Examination Gloves

Aiif+ Nitrile

Examination Gloves

Examination Gloves

Nitrile Examination Gloves

Fingertip Textured

Powder-free Non-Sterile

Size S, M, L, XL.

Using raw materials from natural rubber


2 Box - 3D - 9 in - เขียวอ่อน-AAA - 1.jpg

Disposable Gloves

Nitrile Disposable Gloves

Fingertip Textured

Powder-free Non-Sterile

Size S, M, L, XL.

Using raw materials from natural rubber

Aiif+ Nitrile

Disposable Gloves

2 Box - 3D - 9 in - เขียว-AAA - 1.jpg
2 Box - 3D - 9 in - ม่วง-AAA - 1.jpg

Examination Gloves

VINYL Examination Gloves

Smooth Surface

Powder-free Non-Sterile

Size S, M, L, XL.
Using raw materials made from

the synthesis of PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride)

Aiif+ Vinyl

Examination Gloves

Vinyl Examination Powder-Free.jpg

Aiif+ Gloves of Knowledge


There are many types of surface characteristics of medical gloves as follows: Some or all smooth or uneven surfaces to prevent slipping. Skin with powdered or  powder-free to reduce friction and easy to wear


The color of medical gloves differs depending on the raw materials used for production.
1. Medical gloves made of natural latex mostly white or yellowish white and may have other colors to choose as well
2. Medical gloves made from synthetic latex are colored.such as blue, green, etc.


Types of gloves Can be divided into 2 types according to usage :

gloves Examination and Surgical Gloves
1. Examination gloves mean medical gloves. Medicine used to diagnose disease to prevent touch directly between the patient and the non-surgical treatment provider.

The following characteristics:
1) No tear, no leakage, uniform color
2) There are different sizes of gloves. Tell in numbers or letters when must be tightened after wearing It is approximately wrist length by the manufacturer may refer to the size specified in the TIS, shown in Table 1.
3) There is no separation between left and right.
4) The edge of the glove (Cuff termination) may be trimmed or Roll the edge
5) Non-sterile types are packed together in one box.
6) Sterile type must be packaged in pairs separately.
7) Both smooth and non-smooth textured are available with Powdered and Powder -Free.

2. Surgical gloves mean surgical gloves
Medicine for surgery or surgery In order to prevent infection from secretions from patients, there are general characteristics as follows:
1) No tear, no leakage, uniform color, thin and sticky texture.
2) It must be sterilized or sterilized. However, the manufacturer or seller may pack aseptically. but must be sterilized before use.
3) There are several sizes of gloves shown in numbers 5 to 9.5. May be longer than the wrist by the manufacturer
may refer to the size specified in the TIS, shown in Table 2.
4) Separate left and right gloves Because it has an anatomical design, the fingers are straight or curved in the direction of the palm.
Hands and packed in pairs in one envelope.
5) The edge of the glove (Cuff termination) may be trimmed or edged.
6) Available in both smooth or non-smooth textured Powdered or without Powder - Free.

Purchasing Guidelines
There are guidelines for considering purchasing products as follows:

1. Examination gloves
1.1 Domestic manufacturers or the importer must have an establishment registration certificate
Manufacturing or importing medical devices and a certificate of importation
Medical device (Form Bor Thor.1) from the Food and Drug Administration
1.2 Examination gloves produced locally There may be a standard mark.
Industrial products TIS 1056–2556 “Gloves for inspection
single use disease
1.3 Other production standards that manufacturers can refer to are:
1.3.1 ISO 11193-1:2008 Single-use medical examination gloves
- Part 1: Specification for gloves made from rubber
latex or rubber solution
1.3.2 ASTM D3578 Standard specification for rubber examination gloves
1.3.3 ASTM D6319  Medical GlovesStandard Specification for Nitrile Examination Gloves for Medical Application
1.3.4 ISO 11193-2:2006 Single-use medical examination gloves — Part 2: Specification for gloves made from poly(vinyl chloride)

2. Surgical gloves
2.1 Domestic manufacturers or the importer must have an establishment registration certificate.
manufacturing or importing medical devices and detailed or imported invoices for medical devices (Form Bor Nor Thor.1) 
licensed under the Instruments Act. B.E. 2551 physician Refer to the Notification of the Ministry of Public Health Re: B.E.  2556, Guidelines for Choosing Medical Gloves for Surgery.
2.2 Domestically produced surgical gloves or a marked standard product may be requested by the importer TIS, 538-2560 "Sterile latex gloves for single use in surgery."
2.3 Other production standards that manufacturers can refer to are:
2.3.1 ISO 10282:2002 Specification for single-use sterile rubber surgical gloves.
2.3.2 ASTM D3577 Rubber Surgical Gloves Standard Specification.
3. The manufacturer should be certified by the GMP standard or the ISO 13485 quality management system for medical devices.
4. Select according to the type of raw materials used for production to be suitable for use.
4.1 Latex gloves are suitable for those who require a more snug fit and users can operate smoothly while wearing gloves.
4.2 Gloves made of synthetic latex or other materials for people with a history of allergic reactions to natural rubber latex. and chemical resistance.
5. Select a size to suit the user's hand size (Tables 1 and 2), size and length, available at a price.
6. Choose a surface texture that is suitable for use. Gloves with uneven surfaces reduce slippage when handling.


1. Why are you allergic to gloves made from natural latex?

Answer: Allergy to natural rubber gloves at present it is not known exactly what type of protein Which of the latex causes an allergy, such as Hev b1 b3 b5 b6.02, allergy occurs when gloves? Touching wet areas of the body or internal organs during surgery or receiving protein-absorbing powder from gloves. or touching the inner mucosa and mucous membranes during surgery How to check This will be done by analyzing the total amount of extracted proteins, i.e. colorimetric analysis. (Colorimetric analysis) Analysis by chromatographic technique. (Chromatographic analysis) and immunological testing. Immunoassay such as Latex ELISA for antigenic protein.



2.Put on natural latex medical gloves. Is there a possibility of an allergy?

Answer: There is a possibility of allergy to proteins found in natural rubber latex. 

but still can't figure out what kind of protein it is. Allergies can manifest as a red rash, itching, blistering, asthma, panting, or shock. When it comes to powdered gloves. Powder may cause allergic reactions in some users. Begin by experimenting with powder-free latex gloves. Whether or not there is another allergic reaction is determined by whether or not If you have a severe allergic reaction, you should see a doctor.



3. What causes an allergy to natural latex gloves?

Answer: Patients suffering from allergic reactions protein derived from natural latex is classified into two types:

1. Allergic urticaria, an allergic reaction (type 1 immune response or latex allergy).

The symptoms of the rubber protein range from simple hives to breathing difficulties and death.

2. Allergic dermatitis (Immune type IV reaction) is an allergic reaction to a substance used in the manufacturing of rubber. It consists of a red blister and a small amount of clear water.  Both types of allergies can occur in some cases.



4. Why do I need to put powder on my medical gloves? Will this cause an allergic reaction?

Answer: Using flour to reduce friction while wearing it makes it easier to wear. By the way, it is corn starch that is used in cooking. The likelihood of an allergic reaction is low, but they can be born. Because the starch absorbs the protein in the rubber gloves, you may be allergic to the starch or protein in the rubber.


5. How many different sizes of medical gloves are available? So, how do you know which size is best for you?

Answer: Examination gloves are commercially available in sizes S, M, L, XL, or by numbers. Surgical gloves are available in a variety of sizes and specified numerically; the higher the number, the larger the size; size details are shown in Tables 1 and 2.

Principles for measuring the size of the wearer's hand around the palm of the hand with a tape measure, the base of the thumb is the widest part of the hand.

Palm size 7-8 inches, wear gloves size S.

Palm size 8–9 inches, wear gloves size M.

Palm size 9–10 inches, wear gloves size L.

Palm size 10–11 inches, wear gloves size XL.



6. Are medical gloves made of natural latex chemical resistant?

Answer: Medical gloves made of natural latex are chemically resistant to a degree, but they are not resistant to strong chemicals like acids, bases, or alcohols. They may deteriorate or leak if exposed to chemicals or oil.



7.Is there a way to see if medical gloves have deteriorated or expired?

Answer: Deterioration is defined as a change in physical properties. Medical gloves can deteriorate before they reach their expiration date. If kept in unsuitable conditions If gloves made of natural latex are stored in direct sunlight or heat, they will degrade. Gloves are extremely sticky.



8. Medical gloves made from natural latex and synthetic latex. What kind of type is better?

Answer: Both types of gloves are made from different materials. Therefore, they have different properties, so their suitability depends on the purpose of use. It can be summarized briefly as follows:

9.Why do natural latex medical gloves have a shorter shelf life than synthetic latex medical gloves?

Answer: Natural latex is used to make medical gloves. They have a shorter shelf life than other foods. Natural rubber latex is susceptible to reaction with oxygen and ozone due to its chemical structure, which contains a large number of double bonds. As a result of the use of heat and sunlight as catalysts.


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